Best Design Retail – up to $500k

Elvin Tan Design
Merry Seasons Boxhill Central

Merry Seasons reworks the typology of the typical convenience store, a new retail concept for overseas lifestyle brands, designed for the curious and engaged consumer, and the casual passer-by who walks in expecting one thing and finds the unexpected.

Best Design Retail – over $500k

Elvin Tan Design
DeMaria’s Grocer

DeMaria’s Grocer is a contemporary spin of a traditional European marketplace. A welcoming space that allows the customer to dwell and explore where it is like strolling down their own local food pantry in a very casual setting, creating a novel retail experience.

Best Design Hospitality – up to $500k

AI Republic
OUSHOU Brighton Japanese Restaurant


OUSHOU Brighton is the second restaurant collaboration with Ai Republic and the third establishment of the OUSHOU dining group. The client’s design requirement is to continue the style of the previous stores, maintaining consistency in the brand’s image.

Best Design Hospitality – over $500k

Casa Chow

The design brief called for a fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cultural elements in a contemporary restaurant. Emphasising warmth and invitation, Collectivus employed an earthy colour palette for a calm ambiance, contrasting it with bold pops of pink.

Best Design Commercial – up to $500k

Elvin Tan Design
Yuki House


Yuki House is a space of remedy beyond treatment; A space that can heal you, that embodies the transformative process of the sensory experience. It is a beauty spa reimagined as a form of escapism where the customer can come to relax, dwell, be pampered and walk out with a new energetic vibe.

Best Design Commercial – over $500k

Cor_so Interior Architecture

Designing these creative spaces is always challenging as we are required to maximise the amount of private office spaces without the space feeling tight. We always aim to allow as much natural light into each space.

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